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We are tradesmen

Founded in 2017 I sought the help of other wood workers who hold the same passion for fine craftsmanship. Of course it took a few years to get the company squared away and many hours of grunt work. But I can confidently say we now specialize in fine finish carpentry, focusing on the delicacy of detail.

 I was raised in Lanesville, MA by a master carpenter and decided to carry on his legacy. He built the Hammond Castles' cherry Library as well as the steeple you see when passing through downtown Ipswich. Now, perhaps Lanesville doesn't carry the same grandeur but I believe our small community can benefit from that type of craftsmanship.
 The Rockport homeowner wanted a bench made from old fir tree branches she had from a previous project. It took a few days and a lot of last minute decisions but it came out very nice.
Down on the rocky shore of Annisquam this homeowner wanted a new shelf to house his growing collection of books. The personal library was a separate building no bigger than a small cottage and a very nice addition to the property. The aroma of old books was very nostalgic.
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